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Schlumberger Log Data Toolbox 2.30

Log Data Toolbox integrates, functions which can be used for log data & graphics
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Schlumberger Log Data Toolbox 2.2 is software that integrates, functions which can be used for log data and graphics.
The software consists of multiple programs such as DLIS to LIS converter, LIS to DLIS converter, Log Data converter, DLIS to ASCII converter, LAS certify, ASCII info view, DLIS info view and PDS view. The DLIS to LIS converter is a program which is used to convert DLIS (Digital Log Information Standard) files on disk to LIS (Log Information Standard) or LIS files encapsulated in TIF (Tape Image Format). The LIS to DLIS converter is a program which is used to convert LIS files on disk to DLIS. The Log Data Composer extracts files from or combines individual files into DLIS or LIS storage sets on the disk.

The DLIS to ASCII converter helps to convert data in DLIS files to LAS (Log ASCII Standard) or other simple delimited text-based formats suitable for import into spreadsheet programs. The LAS Certify utility is used to check Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files for compliance to the published LAS standard. LAS Certify checks versions 1.2, 2.0 and 3.0 of the Canadian Well Logging Society LAS specification. The ASCII or LAS files that are being written in real time can be viewed using the ASCII InfoView. The DLIS InfoView is used to display summary information about the content of a DLIS or LIS file. PDSView which is a part of Log Data Toolbox requires a separate installation.

The software helps a user to inspect, filter and convert digital log data files before they are integrated into interpretation software or data management system.

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  • Multiple programs bundled in a single package


  • Problem of Color dithering on certain controllers
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